Scottish Committee

The Scottish Committee of the AJTC was abolished on 19 August 2013 having being set up in November 2007 to replace the Scottish Committee of the former Council on Tribunals.

It's remit was:  

• to keep the overall administrative justice system in Scotland under review;
• to keep under review the constitution and working of those tribunals, under Scottish jurisdiction, which are designated as being under the AJTC’s oversight;
• to keep under review the constitution and working of statutory inquiries relating to Scotland.

It was also empowered to scrutinise and comment on legislation, existing and proposed, relating to all aspects of administrative justice in Scotland.

At the date of abolition the Chairman was Richard Henderson CB Professor Mike Adler, Professor Andrew Coyle CMG, Annabell Fowles and Michael Scanlan were members of.  All were appointed to their posts by Scottish Ministers.

Jim Martin, Scottish Public Services Ombudsman, and Dame Julie Mellor, the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, acted as ex-officio members of the Committee. 


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